Image of the Urban Lighthouse logo

Urban Lighthouse

Brief: Brand, website design, print and database


I was riding my bike along the river Avon one afternoon when I got a call from a guy who I thought was trying to sell me something. He said he'd ring back. I'm glad he did.

Laurence Irvine introduced himself and we met in North Street, Bristol to discuss his project idea.


The word 'Lighthouse' held the essence of what Laurence wanted to do. Unfortunately, there were no obvious opportunities to have Lighthouse as the company domain so, I suggested adding Urban. Laurence wasn't initially convinced but with the help of a few graphic examples he was persuaded.

image of an Urban Lighthouse sold sign
image of the Urban Lighthouse homepage


The Urban Lighthouse website was vitally important to the success of the business. I enlisted the help of Igeek and Steery to provide a backend database with web integration so Laurence could take his clients' property details and publish them on and offline; PDF for a traditional printed set of particulars and direct to the website to generate a new property page. This information is then parsed direct to the Rightmove portal.


As well as the online presence, I produced stationery, an 8page A5 brochure, fliers and a contract document with a tear off sheet with duplication ink. And, of course the sale board design.

I also created artwork for advertising in some local publications.

image of an Urban Lighthouse A5 flyer

Brand awareness

Following the launch of the website and the first flurry of properties, Laurence decided to increase the awareness of his brand through the production of a number of promotional items. I produced artwork for pens, mugs, fridge magnets and keyrings, as well as a couple of banners for use at local farmers' markets.

image of various items of Urban Lighthouse marketing merchandise
image of various items of Urban Lighthouse marketing merchandise