The South West Regional Assembly Corporate Identity

We have been working for the SWRA regularly since we first designed their Corporate Identity in 1999.

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The Corporate Identity brought together three previously separate organisations under one banner and has been very successful and respected over the years.

We have produced numerous branded reports and regionally strategic documents, newsletters, stationery and all manner of printed ephemera since 1999. We produced the first truly coherent version of their website in 2002. Among the many projects we have produced over the years, two of note are the Integrated Regional Strategy document and the Regional Spatial Strategy documents; both of these projects were high profile and very well received.

A recent repositioning of the various member groups and the renaming of the umbrella organisation has led to a re-evaluation of the brand. An internal decision has been made to keep the current mark and only change the typestyle and colour, testament to the original concept.

You can see the branding work for South West Councils Here