Lotus Motorsport

Following a number of meetings at the Lotus factory in Norfolk we redesigned the corporate identity for Lotus Sport. This identity was designed to be an umbrella for all of the sports which Lotus was involved in.

Once the Sport identity was decided, Lotus Motorsport asked us to design a brochure for the Europe wide Elise Race Series. The car was being redesigned specifically for the series and was not completed until after we had completed our work. We designed the brochure around an image of the team infrastructure including the cars and support vehicles. The whole image was entirely computer generated following a photo shoot at the Lotus factory test track. We added some illustration work to give a feel of the excitement of motor racing and printed the brochure in four languages.

The Lotus Elise Race Series was a great success bringing in corporate sponsorship of both the individual race teams and the series.


Visit the Lotus Cup Europe website Here

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